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Chuseok holidays (29th Sep - 9th Oct)

We have two big holidays in Korea.

One is "Chuseok" (Korean Thanksgiving Day, Aug 15th in the lunar calendar)

Usually in September and October.

And Seollal (Korean New Year's Day, Jan 1st in the lunar calendar)

Usually in late January or February.

It is common to have a holiday of 5 days including the weekend, but this "Chuseok" is the longest 11 days in history. (29th Sep to 9th Oct)

So your answers to your inquiries may be late.

Thank you for your understanding. ;-)

About Chuseok

Chuseok is one of the biggest holiday of the Republic of Korea with the biggest full moon of the year.

When the harvest is ripe and all kinds of fruits are abundant, our nation, which mainly focused on farming, takes the turn to give ancestors sacrifices with fresh grain and fresh fruit in appreciation of the abundance.

At this time, all of the family gather together and play a traditional game together and have a good time.

Sacrifice with foods

"Songpyeon" Korean traditional rice cake to eat on chuseok

Please spend a lot of fun during the "Chuseok" period.

Thank you.


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