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Many buyers inquire about rice cake packaging. For small size products, you can use normal 3-sided wrapping machine, but 80/85/90/95 /100mm round product is expensive packing machine and not easy to pack.

Recently, I have been thinking about various packaging methods and I have been able to find out how to package them easily.

The first is to manually wrap the circular rice cake. Please refer to the following instructions.

rice cake package

Additional Idea.

If we put the air cylinder on the back and press the pedal, the cylinder can push the rice cake forward into the bag.

rice cake packing

After put the rice cake into a plastic bag and bundle it with the strap or seal it as shown below.


rice cake packing machine


rice cake packing machines

Another method is to use a chamber type vacuum packing machine. If you use this machine, you can package it as shown in the picture below.

Please see the video. P.S : If you want to buy this kind of machine, Please test it before you buy.

Predicted packaging

packing of rice cake

You can finish the product by putting the paper designed inside or sticking the sticker on the surface.


There is a also automatic machine (Not produced by our company)

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