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Type of popped products

We explain the types of products that can be produced by our SYP rice cake machines.

Changing the product type changes the operation of the machine, so even if the same raw material is used, products with thick, thin, bumpy, or chip texture can be made.

The type is largely divided into rice cake and rice chip.

1. Popped rice cake type

>> Generally used to make thick rice cakes.

1) A Type (R) rice cake

>> A type (R) is a general rice cake type, and the front and back sides of the product are flat. It is mainly used when making products over 80mm.

Popped rice cake made with A type (R)

Popped rice cakes
Popped rice cakes

2) B Type (R) rice cake

>> For B type (R), the shape of the front and back may be uneven. However, this type prevents the material from sticking to the mold to some extent. Therefore, it can be used when using sticky ingredients: wheat, buckwheat, corn etc.

Also, the texture is more crispy than type A.

Popped wheat & corn cakes made with B type (R)

Popped corn, wheat cakes
Popped corn, wheat cakes

Model mainly used to make Rice(Grain) Cake

SYP8002 rice cake machine (80mm round)

SYP8502 rice cake machine (85mm round)

SYP9002 rice cake machine (90mm round)

SYP9502 rice cake machine (95mm round)

SYP10002 rice cake machine (100mm round)

SYP6004 rice cake machine (60mm round)

SYP6060S2 rice cake machine (60x60 square)

SYP8080S2 rice cake machine (80x80 square)

SYP9070S2 rice cake machine (90x70 rectangle)

SYP35100S3 rice cake machine (35x100 rectangle)

SYP50115S2 rice cake machine (50x115 rectangle)

2. Popped rice chip type

>> Generally used when making thin or chip popped products.

For this type, the supply of raw materials need to be reduced.

1) A Type (R) popped chips

>> The surface of the popped product may be uneven or it may make a thin product.

A type popped rice chips
A type popped rice chips

2) A Type (L) popped chips

>> The surface of the product can be curved or it can make a bowl-shaped product.

A type popped curved rice chips
A type popped curved rice chips

3) B Type (R) popped chips

>> This type can produce flat-shaped chips.

B type popped flat rice chips
B type popped flat rice chips

For reference, the shape and texture of the surface may vary depending on the raw material as shown below.

Popped grain chips
Popped grain chips
Model mainly used to make Rice(Grain) chips

SYP3012 rice cake machine (30mm round)

SYP3508 rice cake machine (35mm round)

SYP4006 rice cake machine (40mm round)

SYP4506 rice cake machine (45mm round)

SYP4006R rice cake machine (45mm ridged round)

SYP4808T rice cake machine (43x40mm triangle)

SYP5306T rice cake machine (53x47mm triangle)

SYP5806T rice cake machine (58x53mm triangle)


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