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The SYP2575 rice cake machine model is a model that produces 25 * 75mm rectangular rice cake. This model can produce 1,800-2,570 pcs of rice cake per hour. Applying a large R to the edge allows rounding both ends.

Popped rectangular rice cake
Popped rectangular rice cake

We tested this rectangular rice cake model with Thai Red Rice.

The test results were good and well produced.

For more information on the SYP2575 Model please visit the link below

Related rectangular or square rice cake machine models

SYP3535 35mm square 8pcs / shot

SYP4545 45mm square 4pcs / shot

SYP3075 30*75mm rectangular 4pcs / shot

SYP4506S 45mm Square 6pcs / shot

SYP4090 40*90mm rectangular 3pcs / shot

SYP4570 45*70mm rectangular 3pcs / shot

SYP6060S2 60*60mm square 2pcs / shot

SYP8585 85*85mm square 1pc / shot

SYP8080S2 80*80mm square 2pcs / shot

SYP9070S2 90*70mm rectangle 2pcs / shot

SYP45100 45*100mm rectangular 2pcs / shot

SYP35100 35*100mm rectangular 3pc / shot

SYP50115 50*115mm rectangular 2pc / shot

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