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Test of SYP8502 rice cake machine with 2 different barley.

Two barley types were tested using the syp8502 popped cake machine model.

The test was not bad, and below is a test video.

SYP8502 rice cake machine tested with barley
SYP8502 rice cake machine tested with barley

Test Model : SYP8502 popped cake machine

Test Material : Barley (Whole or broken)

Test Type : 85mm Cake

Test information #1

Test material: 100% Broken barley

Branded grain barley(Brown barley) is not bad source of popping stuff and is no problem to use 100% by our SYP models.

Test information #2

Test material: 100% Whole barley (Not peeled)

Not peeled barley was popped, But it was hard to eat because of the skin.

SYP8502 Rice cake machine

The SYP8502 model is a model that produces 85mm circular rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 720-1,028 pcs of rice cake per hour. Compared to SYP8501, the production volume is doubled, but the price is low, so it is used in medium and large production lines. It is possible to produce rice cake of 2-10mm(Max) thickness and can produce up to 18T when option is applied.

Specification of SYP8502

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