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We, Shinyoung Mechanics, have been reporting various news since 2016 using the News page.

Mainly covered news is test of syp rice popper, buyer material test, new model, company news, etc. We provide news 2-3 times a month.

tests of syp rice popper
tests of syp rice popper

Various tests are conducted every month and new news is generated.

tests of syp rice cake machine
tests of syp rice cake machine

In particular, tests of SYP rice popper are mainly introduced, so if you subscribe, you can hear the news regularly.

test of shinyoung mechanics
test of shinyoung mechanics

For more information,

please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail.

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email : newpop@newpop.co.kr / whatsapp:8210.9596.8210


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