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Chocolate coated popped cakes

This product is a chocolate-coated crispy sand sold under the Korean brand Lotte.

Chocolate coated popped cakes
Chocolate coated popped cakes

The popped cake used in this product is a 68mm round cake made of rice, and the model used to make this cake is the SYP6804 model.

Popped crispy sand
Popped crispy sand

Video of popped crispy snack

Described the product packaging and product of popped crispy sand.

Specification of SYP6804 popped cake machine


The SYP6804 model is a model that produces a 68mm round rice cake or chip. This model can produce 1,440-1,800 pcs of rice cake per hour. Chocolate coated on the surface is popular products.

Product package of crispy popped cakes
Product package of crispy popped cakes

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