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rice cake Popping machine


The rice cake popping machine of Shinyoung Mechanics is a device that can make grain snacks, chips, cakes, etc., out of 100% natural cereals. Gluten free products using rice or corn can be made, and breakfast cereal or children’s snacks can also be made with wheat, sorghum, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, etc. Also, using various food pellets, potato chips, beans, or sweet potatoes can be made into healthy snacks without going through the frying process.

NATURAL Cereal cake & chips

White Rice, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Broken Corn, Whole Wheat, Buck Wheat

Barley, Millet, Adlay, Oatmeal, Wheat Pellet, Bean Pellet, Potato Pellet

Corn Pellet, Sweet potato Pellet, Multi-Grain, other grains & seeds

You can use a wider variety of grains, and you can mix different grains.
We can also produce products using grain pallets. (Eg sweet potato chips, potato chips, bean chips)

material of rice cake machine
SYP Puffed cake machines
puffed cakes




USERS of rice cake machine

As you can see in the photo above, you can make grain cake with rice or wheat, and you can produce cake or chip type product using various shapes and various raw materials.

Large confectionery producer
Medium and small sweets producer
Snack manufacturer
Rice cake maker
Grain distributor or processor
Large food manufacturer
Medium and small food manufacturer
Small local shops using local specialties or local mascot shapes

Video of rice cake machine

SYP4509 Popped chips & Cakes machine

45mm x 9pcs Circle (2160pcs / hour)

SYP9002 Puffed rice cake machine

90mm x 2pcs Circle (720pcs / hour)


You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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