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faq of rice cake machine

Q. Can local grains (e.g. rice) be used?

A. Yes, SYP Rice cake machine can use local grains.

    Material info. and preparation Click Here

Q. When can the machine be received after placing an order?

A. The SYP Rice cake machine is an order made. Depending on the quantity and model,

    it takes 7 to 30 days, and we will do our best to ship the goods as quickly as possible.

Q. I want to know the ordering process.

A. Click on the following link to see your order and what happens next. Click Here

Q. How can I operate the machine?

A. The details of the machine operation are described closely in the manual, and its

    the design is simple enough for anyone to use.

    How to use SYP machine Click Here

Q. How many hours can the machine be used?

A. The machine can be used for 12 to 24 hours.

    When using 24 hours, the parts replacement time may be accelerated.

Q. What is the merits of SYP machine?

A. Our SYP Rice cake machine has many advantages.

    Please check the merits at Click Here

Q. How are the machines packaged?

A. Machines are primarily packaged in plastic wrap in the vacuum, and placed in wooden

    boxes to secure tightly.

    Packing of Rice cake machine Click Here

Q. What is the warranty period?

A. The warranty period is one year after purchase.

Q. What if I have a problem with the machine? (After sales service)
A. When supplying the machine, we will send you the tool, some parts, and manuals.
    If the problem can not be solved, please contact us by e-mail or Whatsapp.

    The SYP Rice cake machine is simple and does not break down easily.

    After sales service Click Here

Q. Other questions from buyers.

A. Click on the following link to see more questions and our answers. Click Here

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