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aCTIVITIES of shinyoung mechanics

These are the various activities of Shinyoung Mechanics.

We participate in exhibitions every year, visit buyers, test samples, and so on.

If you press the button above, you can see the exhibition where Shinyoung Mechanics participates, photos of buyer's factory visit, sample test information of buyers.

rice cake machine sample test

SAMPLE TEST of rice cake machine

Buyers can ship local grains or pellet samples so we can test and send the results back.

buyer's visit rice cake machine factory

BUYER's VISIT to shinyoung's factory

Various buyers from all over the world are visiting Shinyoung Mechanics to test products and for business consultations.

exhibition rice cake machine

EXHIBITION of food machines

Shinyoung Mechanics, since 2010, has been promoting its products through expos such as Seoul Food Show and Fooma Japan.

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