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Popped Potato Pellet Test by SYP4506 popped chip machine

100% potato pellets were tested using the SYP4506 rice cake machine model.

Potato pellets contain a lot of starch, so the product sticks to the mold well.

We have done several tests in this regard and finally succeeded.

Popped potato chips
Popped potato chips

The video below is a video of a potato pellet test by SYP4506 model.

Test Model: SYP4506 Rice popper

The SYP4506 model is a model that produces 45mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 2,160-3,084 pcs rice cake per hour. It is most widely sold for chips using rice and corn.

1. Electric Voltage : 220V 1phase Cycles : 50-60Hz Consumption : 3.5Kw Max

2. Heater Temperature : Max : Max : 400℃, Min : -1℃

3. Working Capacity : 6 pcs every 10 sec

4. Size of rice cake : 45mm Round, Thickness 2-8mm Approx.

5. Capacity : 2,160-3,084pcs / hour (2,160 pcs based on 10sec cycle)

6. Size & Weight : 575mm*510mm*1,490mm (Weight : 185kg Approx.)

7. Capacity of hopper : 8L(7kg of rice), 1 and half hour production

8. Remark

1) Operated by Hydraulic Cylinder

2) Controlled by Micro-controller

3) Material of grain touching parts are stainless steel (SUS304)

4) Mould is special alloy steel

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