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Using Pellet can increase production speed.

It is recommended to use a cycle of 10 seconds to produce a rice cake using grain raw material, but if we use Chip type or pellet material, the production cycle can be up to 7 seconds.


1. Test of Broken black rice mixed with pellet (Chip type)

In the video it’s 10 seconds cycle.

You can see that the color of the pellet is brown.

(Means high temperature)

2. Test of wheat pellet 100% (chip type)

In the video you can see that the cycle is faster.

The other conditions are the same, but the cycle time varies from 10 seconds to 7 seconds and production increased by 40% and color changed from brown to ivory.

It is possible to increase the production by temperature, speed, raw material, feed quantity and type.

Please contact us for further details.

Test by SYP4506 Rice popper

The SYP4506 model is a model that produces 45mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 2,160-3,084 pcs rice cake per hour. It is most widely sold for chips using rice and corn.

Specification of SYP4506

For more information,

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