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Popped cakes produced by SYP Rice Popper

are mainly produced without seasoning or by adding salt, but 45mm(1.77 inch) round or triangular chips are flavored using various seasonings.

Popped chips produced by SYP Models
Popped chips produced by SYP Models

Since Rice Popper uses heat, salt or sweetener can be dissolved in water and added to grains, but seasoning or flavor is almost disappeared as the product is made when added to the ingredients.

Method of seasoning for popped chips

1. Before popping, some seeds or grains for spices or other flavors are included.

This doesn't change the taste significantly, but it is a good choice visually or tastefully when used as a topping on rice cakes or chips.

Video: Rice chips with Cumin seeds

2. After popping, coat with spices.

This is a general seasoning method for snack chips. Vegetable oil is first applied and seasoning powder is applied to the oil.

Manual method (coating manually using a drum coater)

Automatic method (coating using an automatic coating machine)

Flow sheet for popped chips

Flow sheet for popped chips
Flow sheet for popped chips

Production line installed by FABCON India

We supplied SYP4506 machines, and FABCON India installed raw material supply, transport, seasoning, and packing lines in the United States.

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