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The SYP10001 Rice cake machine was tested using corn starch pellet sent from USA.

A pellet made of corn starch was tested using the SYP10001 18T model. Pellet made from corn starch did not expand and succeeded in making products by adjusting the setting value, but it was not made like a general Rice cake product.

Test #1 100% Corn starch pellet

100% corn starch pellet used

Test video of broken rice cake
SYP10001 Rice cake machine test #1

Test video of Corn starch pellet

Test #2 90% Korean rice + 10% Corn starch pellet with SYP10001

90% of Korean rice & 10% of corn starch pellet used

Test video of buckwheat cake
SYP10001 Rice cake machine test #2

Test video of Rice & Corn starch pellet

Information of Test model_SYP10001 Rice cake machine

The SYP10001 rice cake machine model is a model that produces 100mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 360-450 pcs of rice cake per hour. It is possible to produce rice cake of 3-12T thickness and can produce up to 18T when option is applied.

Basic model

SYP10001 3-12mm (Depending on the raw material, it is possible to produce more than 12mm (Max 14mm)

Option models

SYP10001 (18T) 3-18mm (It can be produced up to 18mm maximum thickness according to the raw material.)

Option Models

Thickness changes slightly as the temp. of hydraulic oil increases, it needs to be adjusted occasionally. For more information,

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