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COMPANY OF Rice cake machine

Shinyoung Mechanics Co.,Ltd.


Shinyoung Mechanics is the number one natural grain popping machine developer in Korea.

The Rice cake machine only uses heat and pressure to pop 100% natural grains, without using oil to fry or stir-fry, to make grain snack (chips or cake). Based on quality and performance, we are getting favorable reviews from customers in over 90 countries

Shinyoung Mechanics will not settle for the present and will do our best to return the favor to our customers by developing products with better performance and quality of rice cake machines.


Thank you.

Rice cake machinery manufacturer

Shinyoung Mechanics

SYP rice cake machine
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Shinyoung Mechanics's commitment

We, Shinyoung Mechanics, manufacture the rice cake machine with the product quality first.
We, Shinyoung Mechanics, are the first to deal with any problems with our customers.
We, Shinyoung Mechanics, make products that focus on environment and health.


Shinyoung Machinery Co., Ltd. All employees.

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