New Models info.

Introducing the new Rice cake machine model.

45mm Ridged

6pcs / shot

curved surface rice cake

45x33mm Chestnut

6pcs / shot

chestnut shape rice cakes.jpg

60mm Round

4pcs / shot

60mm popped cake

Clover shape

4pcs / shot

SYP Clover shape 1.jpg

40x40mm Square

6pcs / shot

40mm square rice cake

50x50mm Square

6pcs / shot

50mm square rice cake

30x70mm Special

4pcs / shot

baby rice cake.jpg

Start & Moon

6pcs / shot

Star,moon shape rice cake.jpg

Special shape

5pcs / shot

Korean style popped rice cake

68mm round

4pcs / shot

68mm popped cake

60x60mm Square

4pcs / shot

60mm square rice cake

6 kinds shapes

6pcs / shot

syp6kinds rice cake machine.jpg

MG Tree shape

6pcs / shot


45mm round

9pcs / shot

popped rice cake with 15kinds grains use.jpg

Please select a model according to the product you want.

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.