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Rice chip is produced in 7 seconds cycle. Our SYP Rice cake machine can produce products every 7-15 seconds.

The default setting is 10 seconds, and Rice cake usually uses 10 seconds.

Use 7-10 seconds when making Rice chip or when using Pellet raw material.

45mm rice cake
45mm rice cake

Test Video of SYP4506 rice cake machine

Model : SYP4506 Size of cake : 45mm round Capacity : 2,160-3,084pcs / hour Cycle time : 7sec (3,084) Type of product : Rice chips Material supply : 1g / pc Product weight : 0.9/ pc

SYP4506 Rice cake machine

The SYP4506 model is a model that produces 45mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 2,160-3,084 pcs rice cake per hour. It is most widely sold for chips using rice and corn.

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