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Updated: Jan 26, 2023

We got many inquiries related to after sales service when buyer buy our machine.

First of all, all machines need After sales service. and in the case of electrical components,

Damage may occur during handling.

And when we ship the machine to buyer for the first time, some spare parts and manuals will be sent with the machine.

After sale service of Rice popper - Manuals
After sales service of Rice popper - Manuals

Please read this manual carefully before using the machine.

Most usage problems are indicated in the manuals.

Manual list

1. First thing to do !!!

>> What to check when you first receive the machine

2. Material info. & Preparation

>> Material info and preparation of material

3. Operation & Technical info.

>> How to operate the machine & Technical info. of machine

4. Maintenance & Partlist

>> Maintenance(Daily, weekly, monthly), Partlist, Service manual

Warranty: 1 year

And what you want to emphasize when using the machine is cleaning and periodic maintenance. The machine must be cleaned well, problems can be easily identified, and periodical maintenance can ensure the long life of the machine.

The advantage of our machine is that A/S(After sales service) is easy, but even if it is not managed, problems may occur.

But, if A/S occurs please let us know as below.

1. Explain in detail the problem of the machine.

    Example> The machine suddenly stopped while it was running, and the machine beeps.

    Action> Ensure safety button is pressed or feeding plate is touched on sensor.

2. The operation of the machine is abnormal.

>> You have to take a video and send it. (Like below)

3. Production does not work well.

>> Please tell us the information such as raw materials and setting values.

4. Whatsapp can help you get in touch faster.

>> You can send photos, videos, etc. immediately so we can answer quickly.

>> Whatsapp:8210.9596.8210

Shinyoung Mechanics takes care of A/S processing first.

Please let me know if you have any problems.

For more information,

please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp:8210.9596.8210


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