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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

SYP Rice popper has already received CE certification and recently FCM (Food contact material) certification.

FCM (Food contact material)
FCM (Food contact material)

CE is a certification related to machine safety, and FCM certification confirms the stability of food contact areas.

CE Type

Safety cover and additional power switch are installed in accordance with CE regulations.

(Only the safety cover can be installed by request of buyer - Non CE Type)

SYP Rice Popper - CE Type
SYP Rice Popper - CE Type


In accordance with CE regulations, the safety of food ingredients contact areas is tested.

FCM (Food contact material) for SYP Rice Popper
FCM (Food contact material) for SYP Rice Popper

We, Shinyoung Mechanics, will continue to make efforts to produce safe food machinery.

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