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Merits of SYP Rice cake machine

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Our SYP Rice cake machine has many advantages.

1. It uses 100% natural grain. Raw materials can be obtained easily anywhere.

Gluten free products using rice or corn can be made, and breakfast cereal or children’s snacks can also be made with wheat, sorghum, barley, brown rice, buckwheat, etc. Also, using various food pellets, potato chips, beans, or sweet potatoes can be made into healthy snacks without going through the frying process.

Material of SYP rice popper
Material of SYP rice popper

2. Convenience

It can be used without any other equipment except SYP Rice Popper. (Compressor not used)

- Simple operation. - 100% electricity is used. - Anyone can manipulate. - Easy to move.

Convenience of Rice popper
Convenience of Rice popper

3. Product quality excellence The quality of cakes and chips are excellent by optimizing the number of products that can be produced at one time.

If many cakes or chips are produced in one mold, the quality of the products will be down.

SYP Rice Popper
SYP Rice Popper

4. Versatility

SYP Rice Popper can produce both cake and chips by simple setting changes.

Also can adjust the texture, thickness and weight of the product by settings.

Type of rice cake & chips
Type of rice cake & chips

5. Good scalability. Conveyor can be connected from 5 units to 100 units or more.

It can be easily changed from a small scale to a large scale production line.

Good scalability of SYP Rice popper
Good scalability of SYP Rice popper

6. Easy maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important parts when purchasing a machine.

From the time we designed the machine, we designed the machine with the philosophy that "the simplest is the best".

Easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain machines reduce added costs and minimize production losses due to failures.

Easy maintenance of SYP Rice popper
Easy maintenance of SYP Rice popper

7. Economics Economical price.

Our SYP Rice popper has not adjusted prices since 2014.

SYP Rice Popper
SYP Rice Popper

8. Has various models It has more than 70 designs So, buyer can choose or design the desired shape.

Mold of SYP Rice Popper
Mold of SYP Rice Popper

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