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Here are some samples that have been tested using the SYP4506 rice cake machine model in 2019 by changing the raw material supply and setting values.

Our SYP4506 model is one of the most sold models.

We use this model to make Rice cake and Rice chip. Today we tested with corn and rice.

First, it is a sample made from rice.

rice cake popping machine

Looking at the picture, you can see that the texture is a bit different, the surface is different. It was produced on the same machine by adjusting the feed rate of material, temperature, pressure and setting values.

Rice can be used to make 2-8mm thick rice cake and chocolate coated on rice cake surface and rice chip uses seasoning and makes various products.

Please check the link below to see related test videos.

New Type for 2019 model

Test of 7 grains from India by SYP4506

Production of Grain chip & cake using SYP4506

The following is a product made from corn.

You can also see different textures and thickness in corn photos.

This was also tested with different feed amounts, broken corn’s size and setting values.

corn cake popping machine

If the size of the raw material is different, the texture of the surface will change. If the pressure is raised or the temperature is raised, the material will swell more.

Therefore, if you produce products using various methods, you can produce desired products in the market.

Please check the link below to see related test videos.

Test of SYP4506 with broken Corn from India & USA

More popped triangle Corn chips

Test of Mixed Materials (Corn etc.)

Our SYP model is sent to buyers with basic factory settings.

However, the parameters of the product are largely changed depending on the raw material and the type of product you want to make.

The model for these samples is a SYP4506 rice popper model that produces 45mm round rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 2,160-3,084 pcs rice cake per hour. It is most widely sold for chips using rice and corn.

Specification of SYP4506

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