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Options of SYP Rice Popper

Our SYP rice popper can set additional options when ordering.

Even if you use it as a basic model, there is no difference in performance on the machine.

Only options can be added to suit your needs.

Option # 1 Titanium Coating (Min. 2 units)

The titanium coating is to coat the mold with titanium.

There is no effect on the production of the product, but the brilliant color and strength of the surface increase, so you can manage the machine more clean.

syp rice cake machine with titanium coating
syp rice cake machine with titanium coating

Option #2 Additional Hopper (Min. 1 unit)

Installing additional hoppers increases the use time of the raw material by three times.

(8L -> 24L) For 8 hours operation, general hopper should supply raw material once every 1 to 2 hours.

syp rice popper additional hopper

Option # 3 Safety cover (Min. 1 unit)

CE Type machine is equipped as standard, but for general model, only safety cover can be installed. You can stop the machine when the safety cover is opened, or you can simply install the cover.

syp rice popper safety cover
syp rice popper safety cover

Option # 4 Additional raw material feeding plate

The raw material supply plate is a plate that can control the supply of raw materials. Depending on the amount of raw material supplied, we can product rice cake or chip also the material expansion may vary.

syp rice popper material feeding plate
syp rice popper material feeding plate

Option # 5 Outside control & Warning light (Min.5 units)

It is possible to move the operation device which is in front of the machine to the outside.

Using the conveyor may cause inconvenience setting the front operation panel.

This option is available for a minimum order quantity of 5 units or more.

syp rice pop machine control
syp rice pop machine control

SYP9002 with Outside control & Warning light

Option # 6 Oil Tray (Min. 1 unit)

If you use a material that has lot of oil such as bean, seed etc.., the oil may flow into the machine. In this case, the tray can be installed at the bottom of the down mold.

syp rice pop machine oil tray
syp rice pop machine oil tray

Other options can be available by buyer’s request

And there is an additional charge for the option.

For more information,

please check our website or contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp : 8210.95968210


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