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Attempts to make popped cakes containing nutrients and various ingredients are being made through some companies.

Mostly, several grains were mixed or coated, but the method below is a method of making a pellets by various ingredients and making a popped cake of the desired nutrients and color.

It is not easy because you need a large-scale extrusion line to produce pellets, but you can work with a company that produces snack pellets.

Popped cake containing vegetables and fruits can be produced in the following way.

Popped cakes with vegetables and fruits
Popped cakes with vegetables and fruits

1. Raw material preparation

>> Prepare various ingredients such as rice and vegetables

2. Crushing & blending

Make rice and ingredients into powder and mix them according to the ratio

3. Extrusion molding

>> Mixed raw materials are processed into artificial rice and dried

>> Blender, extruder, dryer are used.

4. Expansion molding

Produced by mixing dried artificial rice using Rice cake machine

5. Packaging & Sales

Complete and sell rice pop by packing selected products after inspection for foreign substances

Information of pellets & suppliers

Pellet materials for popping machine
Pellet materials for popping machine

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