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Our SYP model uses not only grains such as rice, brown rice, corn, and wheat etc., but also Pellet materials are used.

This Pellet is made of various types such as Lentil, Corn, Potato, Multi Grain and can be used in our SYP model.

Pellet raw materials can be used to produce various products.

1. Potato popchips _ Using potato pellet

2. Whole grain popped chips _ Whole grain pellet

3. Quinoa popped chips _ Quinoa pellet

4. Corn popped chips _ Corn pellet

5. Lentil popped chips _ Lentil pellet

6. Protain popped chips _ High protain contained pellet

7. Chickpea popped chips _ Chickpea pellet

8. Casaba popped chips _ Casaba pellet

Below is the information and test video of pellet materials we tested.

Test video #1 Protein pellet by SYP4506 popped cake machine

Test video #2 Quinoa pellet by SYP4509 popchips machine

Test video #3 Lentil pellet by SYP4506 popped chips machine

Test video #4 Chickpea Pellet by SYP4509 Popped chips machine

Test video #5 Potato Pellet by SYP4509 Popped chips machine

Test video #6 Wholegrain Pellet by SYP4509 Popped chips machine

Test video #7 Cassava Pellet by SYP2515 Popped cake machine

Raw material production company information

Balance Foods (USA)

Lengdor (Spain)

Limagrain (France)

For more information,

Please check our website or contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp:8210.9596.8210


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