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SYP5306T Korean rice cake machine is normally make chips by rice or corn. This test, we've used Korean rice & brown rice

Popped triangle cake & chip
Popped triangle cake & chip

Watch the video and you will be able to see that the product changes according to the setting change.

SYP5306T rice cake machine

The SYP5306T model is a model that produces 53mm triangular rice (corn) cakes or chips. This model produces 2,160-3,084 pcs of rice cake per hour. It is mainly used to make triangular corn chips.

Related triangle rice cake machine models

SYP4808T 43*40mm(H) triangle (8pcs / shot)

SYP5804T 58*53mm(H) triangle (4pcs / shot)

SYP5806T 58*53mm(H) triangle (6pcs / shot)

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