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SYP Rice Popper is an equipment designed to make grain cakes and chips using only heat and pressure with 100% natural grain.

SYP Rice Popper
SYP Rice Popper

SYP Rice Popper, which started to be produced in 2007 by Shinyoung Mechanics, has sold more than 3,200 units in 70 countries around the world as of 2020, and uses grain produced in each country and makes various products tailored to local customer’s taste.

The main products produced by SYP Rice Popper include rice cake and corn cake. These products are gluten-free cereal products and can be used as substitute for bread. Since the products are healthy, they are sold in supermarkets or organic marts around the world and enjoy high popularity.

Products produced by SYP Rice Popper
Products produced by SYP Rice Popper

SYP Rice Popper can produce wide range of foods such as snacks for infants and children, diet cereals, snack chips with seasoning, non-fried potato chips, and grain biscuits coated with chocolate.

Production line with SYP Rice Poppers
Production line with SYP Rice Poppers

The main features of SYP Rice Popper are as follows.

1. It has wide adjustment range and can pop all kinds of grain.

2. With the size 575mm*510mm*1,490mm, it’s compact and easy to move, and doesn’t create much noise. Usable at supermarket, bakery shop, or factories.

3. Automatic production using PCL is possible, so unmanned production is possible.

4. The temperature is automatically adjusted by the TPR method and with a safety sensor attached, it is safe to use.

5. Since it’s hydraulically operated, there is little impact from the machine, has high durability, and rarely causes breakdown.

Model of SYP Rice Popper
Model of SYP Rice Popper

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