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Hello, this is Shinyoung Mechanics.

Today we will introduce the production and procurement of components used in our SYP model.

We manage the whole process of design -> parts production -> assembly -> test of SYP Rice popper.

Through this, we strive to manage the durability, quality, performance, and price of the machine and to produce machines that meet market needs.

Machine parts are manufactured through various processes such as CNC, milling, heat treatment, welding and post-processing.

Assembly of the machine proceeds according to the order, but production of the parts is always in advance.

So all the parts are ready to be machined up to the pre-assembly stage, which can shorten the machine production period.

And since the machine is produced according to the order, you can always receive the latest machine.

Shinyoung Mechanics has more than 50 models of rice cake machine

You can check the specifications of each model by visiting Model Info. at

For more information,

please check our website or contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp : 8210.95968210


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