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We have tested the 9002 model purchased by Indian buyers.

This model is SYP9002 12T model and it is possible to adjust the thickness according to the material up to 2-12mm.


Please check the test video below.

Test Video

Type : Cake

Material : 50% Brown Rice & 50% White Rice

Test by SYP9002 rice popper

The SYP9002 model is a model that produces 90mm circular rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 720-1,028 pcs of rice cake per hour. Compared to SYP9001, the production volume is doubled, but the price is low, so it is used in medium and large production lines. It is possible to produce rice cake of 2-10mm(Max) thickness and can produce up to 18T when option is applied.

Specification of SYP9002

For more information,

please check our website or contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp : 8210.95968210


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