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Understanding the three categories of SYP Rice cake machine.

Updated: Feb 16

Our SYP Rice cake machines can be classified into 3 categories and depending on this classification, the mold can be changed or not. Category #1 SYP8001/8501/9001/9501/10001/11001 >> The model which can produce 80~110mm round rice cake can produce 360 ​​cakes per hour. Although the production quantity is low, the product quality is stable and the electric capacity is small, so it can be installed in small scale production, bakery shop, supermarket etc.

SYP8001, SYP8501, SYP9001, SYP9501, SYP10001
SYP8001, SYP8501, SYP9001, SYP9501, SYP10001

SYP8001 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp8001-rice-cake-machine

SYP8501 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp8501-rice-cake-machine

SYP9001 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp9001-rice-cake-machine

SYP9501 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp9501-rice-cake-machine

SYP10001 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp10001-rice-cake-machine

Category #2 SYP6004/8002/8502/9002/9502/8080S2/9070S2 >> The model which can produce 60~95mm round and 80mm square rice cake can produce 720 cakes per hour. We mainly install 5~100 units in large scale production plants.

SYP8002, SYP8502, SYP9002, SYP9502, SYP10002 etc.
SYP8002, SYP8502, SYP9002, SYP9502, SYP10002 etc.

SYP6004 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp6004-rice-cake-machine

SYP8002 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp8002-rice-cake-machine

SYP8502 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp8502-rice-cake-machine

SYP9002 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp9002-rice-cake-machine

SYP9502 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp9502-rice-cake-machine

SYP8080 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp8080-rice-cake-machine

SYP9070 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp9070-rice-cake-machine

Category #3 SYP2515/4506/5306T/Special molds etc.. >> All models except 1 and 2 categories which can produce round, triangular, square, rectangle, special shape rice cake.

SYP2515, SYP4506, SYP5306T, Special models etc.
SYP2515, SYP4506, SYP5306T, Special models etc.

SYP2515 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp2515-rice-cake-machine

SYP4506 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp4506-rice-cake-machine

SYP5306 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp5306-rice-cake-machine

SYP2575 : https://www.newpop.co.kr/syp2575-rice-cake-machine

SYP2580G : https://www.newpop.co.kr/giraffe-rice-cake-machine

As mentioned above, our model is divided into three major categories. and depending on this classification, the mold can be changed or not.

However, we do not recommend mold changes. The reasons are as follows. 1. It is difficult to control due to different parts used depending on the mold. 2. When it is new mold, it can be easily replaced, but if the machine getting old, foreign matter will accumulate on the bolts and machine parts, making replacement difficult. 3. It is difficult to handle if there are problems such as bolt breakage which can occur when replacing the mold. However, the following cases are possible. 1. Required for testing to determine shape.

2. When it is necessary to completely change the mold. Our SYP Rice cake machine is designed for high performance but compact and easy to use. It can be said that it is the best in terms of performance versus economy, and it is economical to use even though only one shape per machine.

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