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SAMPLE TEST of rice cake machine

Buyers can ship local grains or pellet samples so we can test and send the results back.

rice cake machine sample test

1. Send the desired local grains or pellets to be tested to Shinyoung Mechanics.

rice cake machine sample testing

2. The test samples are tested using the newest machines. (Photo and video development)

rice cake machine test sample

3. Tested samples are checked for size and weight.

rice cake machine testing sample

4. Completed samples are packaged and sent to the buyers, and the test results are sent by email.

The raw materials sent by buyers are tested through the following process.

1. Receipt of raw material samples sent by buyers (DHL, EMS, Post Mail)
2. Determine if the raw material you sent is testable on our Rice cake machine
3. Moisture measurement of raw material when testable
4. In case of lack of water, after adding water, 12-24 hours wait
5. Raw cake test using Rice cake machine
     (Video and photo shoot in test)
6. Create a test report using test information
7. Send test report and video (Email)
8. Send test sample
9. Determine whether or not to order the machine after confirming sample

Precautions when sending samples.

1. Samples containing powder can not be tested.
    Please send the powder after removing it.

2. The flavor can not be added other than salt and sweetener. 

3. Corn should be crushed. 4 to 5 mm

4. As the oil comes out from the beans, it can be mixed with rice within 1-5%.

5. Seeds also contain a lot of oil and are difficult to test. (1-2% mixed with rice)

Shipping address for materials (Test sample)

Shinyoung Mechanics Co.,Ltd.

714, 293, Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea (zip code : 21315)

Tel: +82.70.8828.3573 / Whatsapp: +82.10.9596.8210 / Contact : Nick

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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