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Our SYP Rice cake machine is able to adjust the thickness when making Rice cake.

The thickness is adjusted by the compression time of the mold or the speed of the hydraulic oil.

The advantage is that by adjusting the thickness, you can produce products of the desired thickness.

But the disadvantage is that you need to check and adjust the thickness within 30-1 hours after the machine starts to operate.

The reason is the temperature of hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil is stabilized by increasing the temperature up to a certain level after operation of the machine. However, it is necessary to adjust the thickness at the point of stabilization. (Thickness variation is not large and can be expected changing time of thickness)

The 9mm(or 10mm) stroke cylinder has a fixed thickness of 9mm(or 10mm) and can produce products with constant thickness at all times. (The thickness of 9mm or less can be adjusted)

9mm thickness rice cake
9mm thickness rice cake


1) If the thickness is set to 9mm(or 10mm) max., It will not change.

(9mm or less can be adjusted)

2) We do not adjust the thickness by pressing the product, so crisp texture.


1) It is not possible to adjust the thickness more than 9mm.

2) Popping of raw material is less than normal cylinder.

If you do not need more than 9mm(or 10mm) thick Rice Cake, this is a good option.

The video below shows the production of SYP8002 with 9mm stroke cylinder by Thai black rice.

Test Model: SYP8002 Rice popper

SYP8002 model is a model that produces 80mm circular rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 720-1,028 pcs of rice cake per hour. Compared to SYP8001, the production volume is doubled, but the price is low, so it is used in medium and large production lines. It is possible to produce rice cake of 3-10mm(Max 10mm) thickness and can produce up to 18T when option is applied.

1. Electric

Voltage : 220V 1phase

Cycles : 50-60Hz

Consumption : 3.1Kw Max

2. Heater Temperature : Max : Max : 400℃, Min : -1℃

3. Working Capacity : 2 pcs every 10 sec

4. Size of rice cake : 80mm Round, Thickness 3-10mm Approx.

5. Capacity : 720-1,028pcs / hour (720 pcs based on 10sec cycle)

6. Size & Weight : 600mm*550mm*1,550mm (Weight : 200kg Approx.)

7. Capacity of hopper : 8L(7kg of rice), 1 and half hour production

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