Rice cake machines with various round molds ranging from 25mm to 100mm.

25mm round

15pcs / shot

30mm round

12pcs / shot

35mm round

8pcs / shot

40mm round

6pcs / shot

45mm round

6pcs / shot

50mm Round

4pcs / shot

60mm round

2pcs / shot

65mm round

2pcs / shot

80mm round

1pc / shot

85mm round

1pc / shot

90mm round

1pc / shot

95mm round

1pc / shot

100mm round

1pc / shot

80mm round

2pcs / shot

85mm round

2pcs / shot

90mm round

2pcs / shot

95mm round

2pcs / shot

100mm round

2pcs / shot

SYP10002 Rice cake machine

The SYP10002 model is a model that produces 100mm circular rice cakes or chips. This model can produce 720-1,028 pcs of rice cake per hour. Compared to SYP10001, the production volume is doubled, but the price is low, so it is used in medium and large production lines. It is possible to produce rice cake of 3-12mm(Max Size 14mm) thickness and can produce up to 18T when option is applied. (100mm is the max size for this capacity 720pcs / hour)

Basic model

SYP10002 3-12mm (Depending on the raw material, it is possible to produce more than 12mm (Max 14mm)

Option models

SYP10002 (18T) 3-18mm (It can be produced up to 18mm maximum thickness according to the raw material.)

Option Models

Thickness changes slightly as the temp. of hydraulic oil increases, it needs to be adjusted occasionally.

Model : SYP10002

1. Electric

    Voltage : 220V 1phase

    Cycles : 50-60Hz

    Consumption : 4.0Kw Max

2. Heater Temperature : Max : Max : 400℃, Min : -1℃

3. Working Capacity : 2 pcs every 10 sec

4. Size of rice cake : 100mm Round, Thickness 3-12mm Approx.

5. Capacity : 720-1,028pcs / hour (720 pcs based on 10sec cycle)

6. Size & Weight : 600mm*550mm*1,550mm (Weight : 200kg Approx.)

7. Capacity of hopper : 8L(7kg of rice), 1 and half hour production

8. Remark 

   1) Operated by Hydraulic Cylinder

   2) Controlled by Micro-controller

   3) Material of grain touching parts are stainless steel (SUS304)

   4) Mould is special alloy steel

   5) Thickness 18T is option


Model : SYP10002 18T

Shape : 100mm Round

Material : Korean white rice 50% & brown rice 50%


Model : SYP9502

Shape : 95mm Round

Material : Indian brown rice (long-rice)


You can check the test videos of SYP9502 model.

The model we will be introducing today is the SYP9502 Rice cake machine. This model can produce 720 rounds of 95 mm round rice cake per hour.

Our rice cake machine is simple and easy to use. It can be operated according to the manual and can control temperature, pressure, time, thickness and so on.

We tested the SYP9502 Rice cake machine with Brown Rice from Greece. we carried out a pre-test before shipping to buyer.

We are receiving various questions from buyers. If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

There are 3 types of SYP80/85/90/9502 Model.

Our SYP Rice cake machine has many advantages.

We have models of various shapes, of which circular shape can be made up to 25 ~ 110mm.

Our SYP Rice cake machines can be classified into 3 categories and depending on this classification, the mold can be changed or not.

Rice Cake Machine(Rice popper) of Shinyoung Mechanics is a device that can make grain snacks, chips, cakes, etc., out of 100% natural cereals.

Easy way to pack the Rice Cakes Manually

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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