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Our Rice cake machine is also used in bakery shops.

Rice cake is mainly used as a substitute for breakfast or lunch instead of bread. Some bakery shops started to use machines when they thought that sales would rise if they sold rice cake with bread.

Some of them were installed in the store to produce fresh Rice cake every day and got good response from consumers.

And some put machines in a small work space and make Rice cake or cereal cake, they have supplied it to their bakery shops.

bakery popped cake machine
bakery popped cake machine

The reason for this success was..

They have become popular with local consumers by producing products from local grains to local flavors and producing local consumer products such as chocolate coatings.

And one other reason was..

Our SYP Rice cake machine is compact, easy to operate and safe,

It was suitable for use in bakery shops. ;-)

bakery popped cakes
bakery popped cakes

For more information,

Please check our website or contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

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