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how to add moisture

In order for grains to expand with heat and pressure of rice cake machine, adequate moisture must be present in the grain. Normally rice requires 15-16% of water, and wheat, barley, and corn requires 20% moisture.

This video explains how to add moisture to rice.

At this time, salt or sweetener can be added.

The above method is used for sample testing and the blender(Mixer) is used at the factory.

Mixer(blender) is used at the factory.

1. Put raw materials into a mixer.

2. Add a liquid mixture of water and additives (salt, etc.) and operate for 5 minutes

3. Stop the mixer and wait for 5 minutes. (Time for water to penetrate)

4. Turn on the mixer and operate it for about 2 minutes.

5. Stop the mixer and move the material to a plastic bag or bucket.

>> The bucket must have a cover.

6. Use after standing for 4 ~ 6 hours according to raw materials.

(Rice: 4 hours / Corn, Wheat: 6 hours or over)

Info. of Grain moisture meter


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Electrical Resistance Method

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