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Hydraulic oil is an important factor in operating the cylinder of the machine. For the SYP Rice cake machine, periodic replacement is necessary.

(It is the only one that needs periodic replacement for 1-2 years.)

The hydraulic oil we use by default is ISO VG46. It is a commonly used number. but if your area is hot, we recommend using VG68.

Hydraulic oil suppliers are advised to replace them after 3,000 hours of use. However, it is mainly used for 3,000 ~ 5,000 hours.

If you do not replace the hydraulic oil for long time, the filter may clog the hydraulic cylinder or shorten the life of the cylinder seal.

It is therefore advisable to periodically replace hydraulic oil.

An important thing is..

The machine determines the lifetime and performance depending on how it is managed.

Therefore, manage the life and performance of the machine periodically.

We will also help you.

How to change the oil

1. Open the case of machine & open the bung of hydraulic oil tank.

2. Lay a small plate as picture on the back side of machine (Make little slop)

rice cake machine oil change 1

3. Use oil pump to transfer existing Hydraulic oil from the hydraulic oil tank.

4. After transfer the existing oil, change the direction of oil pump and fill the new Hydraulic oil.

rice cake machine oil change 2

This method is for manual replacement and can be easily replaced with an oil suction device.

Hydraulic oil not to be used Do not use vegetable oil. Some vegetable hydraulic oils generate debris from the inside during use, blocking the filter and interrupting the operation of the cylinder.

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