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Updated: Feb 11, 2021

There are many buyers who ask about schedule after ordering. Today, we will talk about production and delivery of the machine after ordering.

If you order the machine first, proceed as follows.

1. Advance deposit 50%

Once the deposit is confirmed with a down payment of 50%, the machine enters production according to the buyer's request.

2. Production period

The production of the machine takes approximately 7-21 days depending on the model & quantity.

Production of rice cake machines
Production of rice cake machines

3. Completion and testing

All machines are tested before completion. Depending on the buyer's request is set to Cake or Chip Type

Testing of rice cake machines
Testing of rice cake machines

4. Schedule Confirmation

At the same time as completion, check the air or sea schedule and proceed to the fastest schedule.

P.S : When the buyer designates the carrier, report it to the designated carrier

at the time of completion.

5. Packing

Pack the machine safely in accordance with the shipping schedule.

Sea freight: Wooden box vacuum packaging Air freight: Wooden box packing

Packing of rice cake machines for shipping
Packing of rice cake machines for shipping

6. Pick up Transport the packed machines to the port according to the shipping schedule.


Sea freight: When the shipment proceeds, Copy B/L is mailed to the buyer side. Air freight: Air transportation will proceed immediately upon completion of

payment. (100% payment before shipping required)

Shipment from Shinyoung Mechanics is basically insured. (110%)

7. Document processing

Sea freight: If original documents are needed, we will send you the original documents by DHL or UPS before arrival. If you do not need the original document, we will send you the Surrendered B/L by Email

Documents of rice cake machine after shipping
Documents of rice cake machine after shipping

Air freight: AWB will be sent to you by email immediately after shipping

Your order will be processed in the same way as above.

For further details, please contact us.

Thank you.





email: newpop@newpop.co.kr / whatsapp:+8210.95968210


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