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One buyer sent us an email recently.

They said that they received the Proforma invoice again with the account number modified by the following email.

So I checked it and it was a scam that pretended to be us.

If you see below, our email address ( has been manipulated as sent.

And they set the CC as and set the “Reply-To” as this fake e-mail.

We were very surprised, but the more surprising things are:

They scanned our proforma invoices we sent, cleared our account information, and put their account information.

And they encouraged our buyers to send the down payment to the changed account !!

I do not know where this happened, but I have already changed my password and reported the above information to the police.

This was our first time

But, I heard a similar story through several media.

So, Please be careful as you can happen anywhere.

Shinyoung Mechanics does not use any other account besides the account of Shinyoung Mechanics of Kookmin Bank in Korea.

If someone impersonates our name and induces another bank to make a deposit by another name, please contact us to confirm it. It must be a scam.

Phone : 82-10-95968210 (Whatsapp or Line) / Contact : Nick

E-main :


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