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Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Test of SYP4506 rice cake machine with mixed grains

Quinoa, sorghum, millet, and rice were only used or mixed and tested by SYP4506 Rice cake machine.

Popped mixed grain chips
Popped mixed grain chips

Test model: SYP4506 Rice cake machine

Temp. : 230

Pressure. 70kg

Type : Chips

Test videos of mixed grains

Test 1 : Sorghum 100% by SYP4506 Rice cake machine

Sorghum is a good source of popping stuff and is no problem producing 100% Sorghum chips or cake by our SYP models.

Test 2 : Millet 100% by SYP4506 Rice cake machine

Millet, which you sent us, was a little bigger than normal Millet and 100% was used, so there was no problem in making chips by SYP4506 model.

Test 3 : Sorghum 50%, Rice 50% by SYP4506 Rice cake machine

50% Sorghum and 50% rice were mixed and tested.

You can produce good products.

Test 4 : Millet 20%, Rice 80% by SYP4506 Rice cake machine

We have mixed and tested 80% rice with the 20% Millet you sent us. There was no problem in making chips by SYP4506 model.

Test 5 : Quinoa 20%, Rice 80% by SYP4506 Rice cake machine

Quinoa is not popping well. we tested 80% of normal Korean rice mixed with 20% Quinoa, but the test result was not good because the size of rice was much bigger than Quinoa. When testing 90% crushed corn and Quinoa, the crushed corn size was similar to Quinoa, so the test results were good.

SYP4506 Rice popper specification


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