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We are receiving various questions from buyers.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ.

Or please contact us and we will reply as soon as possible.

Below are the questions we receive from buyers.

1. Can we change the type of mold or 1 of your machine is fixed to

1 mold?

>> We do not recommend it.

If the machine is new, it may not be difficult to change

However, if you continue to use it, foreign objects will get caught in the bolt

& part.and as the bolt is heat & cool, bolt breakage may occur when

changing mold.

So we usually recommend for testing purposes.

2. How many mold we get if we buy this machine? And how much does

it cost to buy 1 mold?

>> You can use additional molds for experimental use but not for production.

Prices range from $ 2,000 to $ 3,000 depending on the model.

3. What is the difference between thickness by speed and thickness

by time?

>> Thickness by speed is used when big changes are needed.

Usually it is set at the factory so it is not used well.

4. Where can we set the pressure (i didn't see it in your video), the range

of pressure available and what effect it will bring?

>> If you purchase a machine, you will find detailed instructions in the manual.

Usually 70-150kg, the higher the pressure, the larger the expansion of the

raw material.

5. How much raw material (grams) will be inputed to the mold in core

depth 1 and 2?

>> Core depth is not related to the amount of raw material.

This is to adjust the depth at which the core mold descends when the raw

material is supplied. This can change the surface of the product.

6. When will the heat temperature recovered and what will happen when

the heat is recovering? Is there any effect to the texture or flavour or

other aspect of production when the temperature is dropping?

>> When the machine starts operating for the first time and the material is

supplied, the temperature of the mold temporarily drops.

If the temperature drops, the expansion will fall and the desired product will

not be produced.

As the temperature rises again, normal products are produced.

7. What kind of raw material do we put to the maachine

(premix or mixed in the hopper)?

>> Grains and pellets are the primary raw material.

And, depending on the grain, there is a necessary amount of moisture, and

it is necessary to add moisture 6-12 hours before use.

Information about this is available on purchase of the machine.

8. Total machine electricity consumption for your machine (watt)?

>> It's depending on the model from 2.0Kw to 3.5Kw Max

SYP8501(2.0Kw) SYP9002(3.1Kw) SYP4506(3.5Kw) etc..

This information is mentioned on the model info. at

9. Do you know the max % for chia seed?

>> There is a large amount of oil in the seed, which can cause oil to

contaminate the machine. Use as few as possible.

10. When you said it's difficult to pop oats, is it still possible or


>> Oat is also possible but It is less inflated than just other grains.

(Test video : Depending on the model, you may have to mix other grains to make the product.

11. What kind of fabric used to clean your machine?

>> 100% cotton material.

Nylon and other materials can melt or burn due to heat.

12. If we use wire brush, will it scratch your machine? I'm affraid the

product quality will be compromised if your machine is scratched.

>> The material of the mold is not weak enough to cause scratching with the

wire brush.

13. Can I get further detailed catalogue regarding your machine

specification and technical specification?

>> Please see the attached files

also you can see the specification of models

you can see the updated info. of test & etc..

14. Can I get a few video showing the process of your pop machine

starting from feeding to product outcome?

>> Yes, please see the video here at

For more information, please check our website.

Please contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

Email :


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