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SYP Rice Cake Machine is an equipment designed to make grain cakes and chips using only heat and pressure with 100% natural grain.

SYP Rice cake machine, which started to be produced in 2007 by Shinyoung Mechanics, has sold more than 3,200 units in 70 countries around the world as of 2020, and uses grain produced in each country and makes various products tailored to local customer’s taste.

SYP Rice cake machine is popping machine which can pop natural grains

Materials able to use with syp rice cake machines

Rice, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Red Rice, Broken rice, Broken corn, Wheat, Barley, Buckwheat, sorghum, Oats, Millet, Quinoa, Kiwicha, Canihua, Beans, Mixed Grain, Etc..

It's not frying snack or cake, it's just popped by heat & pressure

I will bring you more information of our rice cake popping machine time to time

For more information,

please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail.

Thank you.

email : / whatsapp:8210.9596.8210


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