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bakery machine

Bakery machine "SYP Rice cake machine"

Rice cake machines are widely used in Bakery field. Since it makes cereal cake using only 100% grain, it is also used in small bakery shop, and it is made in Bakery factory and delivered to bakery shop.

bakery machine

1, Bakery machine "Shop use"

The cereal cake is mainly used as a substitute for breakfast or lunch instead of bread.

Some bakery shops started to use machines if they sold cereal cake with bread and thought that sales would go up.


Some of them were installed in the stores to produce fresh cereal cakes every day and got good response from consumers.

bakery machine

2. Bakery machine "Factory use"

On a larger scale, place the machine in a separate work space and make cereal cake or cereal chips to supply to bakery shop or supermarket.


The reason for this success was..

They made products with local grains in accordance with their regional characteristics and made products that meet local consumers' preferences, such as chocolate coating, and became popular among local consumers.

bakery machines

Why is the SYP bakery machine used successfully in bakery filed ?

Another reason our SYP bakery machine has been successfully used in bakery filed is..

It is compact, easy to operate, safe and suitable for use in shops. ;-)

Rice cake is mainly used as a substitute for breakfast or lunch instead of bread. Some bakery shops started to use machines when they thought that sales would rise if they sold rice cake with bread.

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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