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We will explain the weight change according to raw materials.

Because each raw material has different density and size, the weight of the product produced in the same model of rice popper varies depending on the type and size of the raw material(Grain).

rice cake weight

As shown in the picture above, 80mm rice cake produced in the SYP8002 model can be seen to have different weight depending on the raw materials used.

And if we use 1kg of raw material, the raw material is expanded and the moisture disappears by about 10%. Therefore, the product produced is about 900g.

rice cake popping

Also, moisture may penetrate depending on the time passed or weather(Rain) after production if the moisture % on the room is not managed, and the weight may change. Therefore, if there's no seasoning process, it is best to pack it immediately when the cool down the rice cake.

And in order to match the weight of the desired rice cake, buyer need to send us the raw materials which will be used in the production of the machine.

If there's no request, it will be set to the amount of raw material normally used.

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