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Popped Rice Cakes & Chips made by SYP machine

Today, I will show you the difference between Rice cakes and Rice chips. Our SYP Model can make various types of products by adjusting heat, pressure, raw material quantity, thickness and other setting values.

Among them, Rice Cake and Chip type are available.

Rice cakes can be made into relatively high-purity raw materials such as wheat, rice, brown rice, and pellets

Rice Chip can be made with corn as well as raw material with good expansion power.

The picture below is a comparison of Rice Cake and Chip.

Popped rice cakes & chips
Popped rice cakes & chips

Test Model: SYP4506 rice popper

This models can produce wheat cake or chips with 2,160 ~ 3,000 pcs per hour with different setting.

SYP4506 Rice popper specification Related models SYP3012 Rice popper specification SYP3508 Rice popper specification SYP4006 Rice popper specification SYP5004 Rice popper specification For more information, please check our website. Please contact us by e-mail. Thank you. email: / whatsapp:+8210.95968210


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