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We have SYP8001/8501/9001/9501/10001 rice cake machine models and SYP8002/8502/9002/9502/10002 models in our Shinyoung Mechanics.

SYP9001 rice cake machine
SYP9001 rice cake machine

SYP9002 rice cake machine
SYP9002 rice cake machine

Usually the first two numbers in the model tell the size of the product, and the second two numbers tell the number of products produced at one time.

If so, the SYP8001 / 8501/9001/9501 can produce 80, 85, 90, and 95 mm products one at a time and SYP8002 / 8502/9002/9502 can produce two products at a time.

So why is it still producing machines that only produce one machine?

This is because there are places where models of SYP8001 / 8501/9001/9501 are available.

You can use it in the instant food corner in supermarkets or marts, or in a bakery shop. It is also used for product testing.

However, the SYP8002/8502/9002/9502 models are used when building production lines in terms of production volume and price.

Model of 8001/9501/9001/9501/10001

Model of 8002/9502/9002/9502/10002

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