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PRODUCTS BY SYP rice cake popping machine

1. Rice Cake

rice cake, made from natural cereals, can be produced in the 65~100mm round or square shape, using rice, whole wheat, corn, etc.

Cereal cake is sold as diet food or breakfast substitution food, served with cheese, salad, jam, soup, etc. 

2. Grain Snack

Cereal snack, made from natural cereals, can be produced in the various shapes of circle, square, triangle, animal, etc, using rice, whole wheat, corn,

In case of the animal shape, it is a popular snack for children and a good food for everybody's health. 

3. Grain Chips

Cereal chips, made from natural cereals and pellets, can be produced in the 45mm round or triangle shape, using rice, corn, pellets, etc

Seasoning can give different tastes, and bean pellets can make potato or bean chips without frying.

4. Chocolate coated rice cake

Chocolate-coated snack is made of coating chocolate on cereal cakes, and chocolate is usually coated after rice cake is made. 

5. Other rice cake products

Products using grains : rice, brown rice, etc: rice cake, brown rice cake, whole wheat cake, corn cake,

multi-grain cake, grain snack


Product using corn: corn cake, corn chips


Products for children: animal-shaped cake / snack (bear, fish, giraffe, etc)


For diet food: cake using brown rice / multi-grains / gluteen free


Products using pellets: potato chips, bean chips, shrimp chips


You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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