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FEATURES of rice cake machine

The Rice Cake Popping Machine of Shinyoung Mechanics is small, but it can automatically develop products of uniform quality with exceptional performance.

puffed triangle rice cake machine
Rice cake machines

Rice cake machine FEATURES

1. Widened Controlling Function

 => It is possible to pop any kinds of materials by widened

       pressure control range. (Rice, Brown rice, wheat etc..)


2. Silent Operation

 => There are no shocks by oil pressure system and it is

       possible to use everywhere and anyplace


3. Automatic Production 

 => It is possible to manufacture automatically by Microcontroller

       system and pushing the manufactured goods


4. Automatic Temperature Controlling

  => It is convenient to operate by automatic temperature

       controlling system from the TPR system in this machine


5. Excellent Persistence

 => There are no shocks and no breakdown


6. Easy adjustment

 => Thickness, Deep of mold & Cooking time can be adjusted

       by front handle


7. Easy movement

 => Machine can be moved by hand

SHAPES of rice cake machine

Shinyoung Mechanics can develop products in round, square, rectangle, triangle shapes and in various sizes, and also special shapes of bear, mouse, bone, heart, or animals are also available upon customer request. Model Information

Shape of Rice cake machine
mold of rice cake machine
picture of rice cakes

OPTION of rice cake machine

Options are added to be suitable for mass production with the safety cover, additional hopper (24L), material lacking alarm, feed plate, titanium coating etc.

Shape of Rice cake machine

You can choose from a variety of options as needed.

Titanium-coated molds of rice cake machine can be used upon request from buyers. However, additional costs will be incurred and min. is 5 units.

MOLD CHANGES of rice cake machine

It is not recommended if you are constantly changing the mold for making different shape of product. 

However, if you need to change the shape of the product depending on the market situation, 

you can change it. and It takes about 2 hours.


You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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