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how to use syp rice CAKE MACHINE

How to use "SYP Rice cake machine"

SYP Rice cake machine is designed to be easy for anyone to use.
It can be operated with simple operation and the setting can be easily changed.

1, Before Operation

① Connect the machine to the Power

② Pump switch “ON”

③ Turn UP manual switch to close top and bottom mold.

④ Pump switch “OFF”

⑤ Temp. Setting

⑥ Heater switch “ON“

The mold is ready for preheating.

Wait for the mold to reach the setting temperature.

Preheating takes 20-30 minutes depending on the model.

2. Operation (Auto)

① Pump switch “ON”

② Turn DOWN the manual switch to open the mold.

③ Operation switch “ON” (Auto mode)

④ When the mold temperature stayed at setting temp.

    Adjust the setting if it’s necessary

3. "Stop" Operation

① Heater switch “OFF”

② Shortly after descent of mold, Operation switch “OFF”

③ Pump switch “OFF”.

Clean the core mold with the air gun and brush as soon as the work is finished each day.


Video _ How to use _ SYP9002

When you buy a SYP rice cake machine ...

We provide all the detailed manuals including photos and videos.

1. First thing to do !!!

     >> What to check when you first receive the machine  


2. Material info. & Preparation

     >> Material info and preparation of material


3. Operation & Technical info.

     >> How to operate the machine  & Technical info. of machine


4. Maintenance & Partlist

     >>  Maintenance(Daily, weekly, monthly), Partlist, Service manual

After Sale Service will be provided by whatsapp, wechat, line, Kakao or email 

Direct No. 8210.9596.8210 (82 is country code) / email:

You can see test videos and news of the latest SYP models.

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